Member Spotlight: KC Bouchard, Owner, All About the Music DJ Service

My name is KC Bouchard and I am the owner and the sole deejay of All About the Music DJ Service.

Even though I have been privileged to be a part of over 800 weddings since 1988 I still get goose bumps watching a groom seeing his bride in her dress for the first time coming down the aisle, announcing a couple as they come in for their Grand Entrance, or cheering for the longest married couple at the Anniversary Dance. In short, I love what I do. To be a part of a couple’s most special day is an honor and something I never get tired of.

You want someone who takes pride in what they do, whose enthusiasm matches your own, and whose experience and professionalism reflects positively on your event. You want someone who arrives early, can stay late if necessary, and who dresses and acts appropriately. You want someone with plenty of experience who can help you plan your ceremony & reception and, day of, can help make sure it happens as you envisioned it would. You want someone on the microphone providing a framework for your event while not being a cheesy blemish on your otherwise perfect day. And finally you want a DJ who will keep the dance floor packed all night through careful musical preparation, fulfilling guest requests, and reading the crowd like only an experienced DJ can. I pride myself on all of these facets of my job, and my reputation reflects it.

A poor or inexperienced DJ can really have a negative impact on your day. An average one will hopefully get more things right than wrong. But a great wedding DJ can help lift your event beyond your expectations. Don’t settle for average on your anything but average day. Thanks so much for your consideration and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

When asked what he loves about Weddings of the West, KC gave us this awesome answer:

“I get energized by the people in Weddings of the West. They are event professionals that take pride in the services they provide and love to be able to do it for their clients. To be a part of a couple’s Big Day is a responsibility and a privilege that no one in WOW takes for granted, and the dedication, hard work, and experience of the members is something that I can completely relate to. I am honored to be a member of this fantastic organization.”

For more information about KC and All About the Music, please visit them at their website:

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