Member Spotlight: Blanca and Brandon Photography

We are Blanca and Brandon Nelson, a husband and wife photography team based in the Reno/Lake Tahoe area that specializes in Weddings & Couples!

Brandon and I understand two things very well. The first being love. The second being the importance and power of photography. Both of which played an instrumental part in our story and business. Because our love story is intertwined with photography, We are extremely passionate about capturing what We call "milestone" moments or "once in a lifetime" moments! The moments that if you blink... you might miss! We tell our clients, blink away! Laugh, cry, enjoy and revel in the amazing moments you experience on your Wedding Day, knowing that We are there to document them all!  Brandon and I love, LOVE and are so fulfilled by preserving the moments that our couples get to experience!

Brandon and I have been together since 2011.

Two months into our relationship, We embarked on one of the hardest chapters of our lives; a long distance relationship. We quickly decided that despite our long distance, We were going to continue to fall in love and learn more about each other every day. So every single day for 2 years, Brandon and I sent each other a picture.We sent photos of our childhood, family, friends, dogs, or even pictures of what We were doing that day! We didn't realize it then, but this laid the foundation of why photography is so important to the both of us. We spent the next few years falling in love, moving cities, and photographing everything from head shots, couples, families and even animals! We did our first wedding in 2014 and the rest is history! We absolutely fell in love with the feeling of providing such an important service to our clients! Our photography style is as bright, colorful and joyous as your Wedding Day feels! We want you to be able to both feel and visualize how your wedding day looked as you view your Wedding Day gallery! With both Brandon and I double shooting your special day, We guarantee to never miss one of your precious and once in a lifetime moments! 

On our days off, You can find Brandon and I going on a variety of adventures with our pup, Willow! Whether it is hiking, swimming or playing fetch at the park for countless hours, We love spending time outdoors!

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